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Manage your store using Loyverse POS software for Food and Beverages by smartphone or tablet to increase profitability all round with simple and quick sales. Gain trust and respect from customers as they see how thoroughly your shop is running based on timely inventory management, visual sales analytics and customer relationship add-ons.

These fast food POS software features will lead you to fulfill your managerial potential as you increase upsell through cultivating sincere shop owner-employee-customer relationships.
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Key Features

Customer Care in Loyverse POS
Food and Drink POS
Food and Drink POS
Food and Drink POS
Food and Drink POS
Food and Drink POS
Quick Service
Never miss a sale thanks to Loyverse's intuitively designed interface. Always be ready to exceed customers' demands, with features such as open tickets and off-line transactions, and convert them into regulars through your unique loyalty program.
Inventory Management
Organize items with a custom price, description photo and group your products into categories. Keep track of your sales and receive low stock alerts.
Sales analytics
With a complete report of what's really going on in your fast food restaurant, from sales analytics to cash reports you will find the key to success.
Multi-store Management
Manage multiple stores under one account. Track your sales, inventory, employees and customers - everything you need to know in one place.
Hardware Integration
Supported hardware: receipt printer (Ethernet or Bluetooth), barcode scanner (Bluetooth or USB), cash drawer.
Loyverse POS
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Here’'s What Customers Say About Loyverse POS

Chanrath Chheang, Kanha Khmer Rice, Cambodia
"I use only my current tablet and my iphone. It's perfect, more than an app, how cool you are!"
Chanrath Chheang, Kanha Khmer Rice, Cambodia
Sebastian, Costa Rica
"Loyverse POS is projected to reduce the implementation costs and to be a pillar stone in day to day labor helping us create a fundamental connection with customers through a mobile app."
Sebastian, Costa Rica
Richard Orciuch, Bunker Motor Coffee
"We found Loyverse looking for a simple solution to our cashier system problem. We would highly recommend it to others in a similar situation, it is very easy to use, has a simple layout, and has all the features necessary for developing our business. The coolest thing is that I can run entire my business with only a smartphone."
Richard Orciuch, Bunker Motor Coffee

Loyverse POS Fits Just Right in Your Business

Make your patrons happier and be happy yourself

Loyverse Success Platform Products

Loyverse POS

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a mobile free point of sale.

Loyverse Back Office

Back office in your browser, working in sync with Loyverse POS.

Loyverse Dashboard

A complementary app for instant access to your store's sales analytics and inventory anytime, anywhere.

Loyalty Ocean

Powerful customer loyalty app integrated with Loyverse POS.

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