Discovering Loyalty Universe

By Songjong Сhoi, Loyverse Visionary
By Songjong Сhoi, Loyverse Visionary

Business Concepts

Each day will unfold according to the drive that exists in your mind. From the moment of waking, to the moment you rest, how much can you achieve? Is your answer limited? If there's no belief within you to achieve beyond your limits, then you will spend the rest of your life stuck in the same stagnant swamp. If you have purpose and conviction, each day you will witness growth and joy will gain momentum.

The way of small business owner is the way of self-perfection with Loyverse Free POS

We believe this way is not simply about achieving our goal of successfully running a profitable business. But this is the way of changing myself: changing my concepts, improving my professionalism, and allowing me to feel happiness during the process of goal achievement.

Think and Act as a Pioneer with a Loyverse Free POS Software

We need to think and act as a pioneer. Pioneer goes forward and makes a way where no one came before. In our business development and developing our community of loyal shoppers, we need to act and think like a pioneer. As we are doing and will be doing things, that no one did before.

Developing an inseparable relationship with your customers using Free POS

How deep is the relationship with your customers? There must be an inseparable relationship between you and the customer. When your customers feel that you invest sincerely for them, more than other shop owners, they will naturally join your tribe. Furthermore, they will come back to your shop despite the great number of similar shops in the area.

Everything starts from the Gratitude

Gratitude changes everything for better. Gratitude changes our mind. Especially when we are in difficulties, we need to think from gratitude point of view and find reasons why we already should be grateful.

The importance of our transition from the state of business we are currently in, to the state we wish to arrive in the future

When in transition, we need to invest double the energy to perform as we used to perform before, and, at the same time, prepare for and moving towards a new state of business. That’s why coming to a new state requires a lot of pioneering and additional efforts.

The journey we travel together with our customers and Loyverse Free POS Software

Only by going the same journey with our customers, it is possible to discover the One Moment of resonance. We need to share the discovery of the One Moment together with our shoppers. We can not explain or teach something to our customers; we can only discover together with them, and help them understand and improve their experience of the One Moment.

Learn from your community of customers with Loyverse Free POS Software

Sustainable management of your business is a continuous process of interacting with your customers. Your customers are the best source of ideas and suggestions for your business development.

Manage your community of 430 loyal shoppers with Loyverse FREE POS

Imagine that you have the email addresses of 430 shoppers who have visited your shop at least once. Collecting these emails was an enormous task on its own. But how can you make use of them now?

Energy for actions comes from positive thinking and resonance

We always need energy for actions and development. Such energy comes from within us. It can be generated from keeping a grateful mind and positive thinking.

Loyverse Free POS Software platform helps you learn from the past, improve the present, and make you foresee the future

The past, present and future are always interconnected. With Loyverse, you can always embrace them and work on improving the present and building the future.

Building a digital retailer-shopper ecosystem with Loyverse Free POS Software

Loyverse allows you to build a 100% digital ecosystem with your shoppers. Every interaction in such an ecosystem can be done through an electronic format of communication. Even there is no necessity of printing receipts: electronic receipts are automatically generated by the Loyverse POS application and are sent directly into Loyverse Shopper application.

Discovering Loyalty in myself

Starting the journey with a goal of building a loyal community of customers, we discover in the process that this journey is a life-changing experience for ourselves - allowing us to discover loyalty and practice it ourselves toward customers and creating the Moment of Resonance with them by initiating their loyalty to us.

Preparation can defeat problems

We face many problems while running a business about employees, customers and business partners and so on. As we all know, we can defeat the problems only by making preparation for them. When we are prepared to face the expected problems, it will not come to you as the problems anymore. It will be just how it is for you.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave as a retailer?

Our life is a process of creating our own legacy for the next generation. Of course, we can leave material things and the business asset to the next generation. But, more importantly, we need to think about what kind of story we want to pass down to the next generation. And also how much are you perfecting your story. More you perfect your story — next generation will be more connected to you, and also the story will remain in them. Even the story can continue through their lives.

With Loyverse Free POS Software you can find right questions

By our nature, we do not question to us how to improve ourselves and business model. When we do not question, we and our business model stagnate. Furthermore, having a good question stimulate us to think about how to move forward. In fact, having a good question is more important than having an answer. The good question should be able to lead towards positive outcomes such as unity, not division or hatred.

Loyverse Free POS Software helps you develop retailer's intuition

Intuition is necessary to have as for retailer. It helps you to make successful decision making. Some may say it is just guessing or random feeling. However, it is a highly advanced pattern that you can develop by analysing experiences and also stay in tune with your vision and goals. Loyverse helps you to develop your analysing skills as well as to stay in tune with your vision and goals.

Importance of changing our frames

It is important to change our lenses: the way how we see ourselves, our customers, our business model, our products and our service. We need to observe them from different angles.

How to become loyal companions, mentors and owners?

We believe that Loyverse encourages the development of the community where people choose Loyalty, study Loyalty, practice Loyalty. This means to build and grow a loyal community of shoppers, to find and deepen the relationships with the loyal companions, to find loyal mentors, loyal staff members and loyal experts, and, generally, loyal same thinkers and advisors.

Why is essential to know your shoppers?

The knowledge of our customers defines our success as the retailers. Based on Loyverse platform, you can have a profound knowledge of your customers and improve your customers' experience with you.

Developing an outstanding retail business requires changing a culture of running business

Transforming your small business into business with outstanding performance requires changing a very culture of your business and also your individual culture. Through this process, you bring your business to the next level.

Why do you have to be consistent in registering your customers into your Loyverse Free POS Software database?

Because no one will do it for you. The best thing is if you pioneer it yourself at first, and then you will be able to teach your staff (if you have staff): cashiers and/or administrators. Thus, they will be able to register the email addresses of your shoppers diligently.

What does every retailer dream about?

Some retailers run the business to provide for their family survival. Some run it for their further development. Generally, the dream of the retailer is about becoming successful and achieving the result in a consistent manner.

We need to create a shop with incredible atmosphere and resonance using Loyverse Free POS Software

We need to create a resonating shop with an incredible atmosphere and resonance. When we invest our heart and passion into a community of people, we love and enjoy to resonate, and this community is growing.

Loyverse Free POS Software finds time for shop owners to think

Many retailers whom I know are extremely busy in their “survival game”. Often they say that they do not have time to think strategically about the business. Also, they describe themselves as running squirrels in a wheel.

Do I need to change anything in myself?

Yes, I do! In fact, I need to be ready to change everything at any time: re-evaluate my business model, my goals, methods of its achievement, my services, my product and my approach to the customers.

Why is necessary to know your customers?

Every shop owner needs to know that it is his/her responsibility to engage with the shoppers. If you are a small shop owner and do everything by yourself, then you will have to pioneer the process of collecting an email address from every your shopper.

How can we pioneer with Loyverse Free POS Software the Way of Loyalty toward our customers?

How you engage with your shoppers is the critical issue for your success as the retailer. First of all, you need to have a technological platform such as Loyverse for customer engagement. At the same time, you need to insert your mind in studying about your shoppers and their behaviour.

We need to live a life of resonance with the community we build as a retailer

We need to live a daily life with our community of shoppers, embrace them with our passionate love. With this kind of efforts, we can build a community that would become a model community where every shopper would join willingly.

The importance of learning from your best competitors

The successful competitors can be an excellent source of direct comparison to you. Also, they can inspire you to develop your business in a better way.

The power of Loyalty with Loyverse Free POS software

Loyalty influences me. Loyalty influences others and Loyalty influences my business. Loyalty is much more than what we usually imagine about customer loyalty. Loyalty is the way of thinking and the way of life. Finally, Loyalty is the way to transform oneself.

Prepare someone who can take on your responsibilities in the shop management

We have to pioneer both: Loyverse as a platform for shop management and customer engagement. And Loyverse community for discovering, learning and sharing on how we can find loyal people who can help us and carry our responsibility so that we could pioneer new responsibility. In this way, your shop could grow vertically (its effectiveness and results) and horizontally (as a chain of shops under your leadership).

The necessity of learning from the mistakes

There is a saying: "The only man who makes no mistakes is the man who never does anything". There is no problem in making mistakes only if we have a system of learning from them.

Relieving the growing pain from managing one shop to running multiple shops

Loyverse can relieve such a growing pain for you when you need to transfer from operating one shop to start running a chain of shops.All the complications in the process become simple with the use of Loyverse.

Build your retail business in a way so that the first, second and third generations of your family could manage its growth with Loyverse Free POS

We believe that for the second and third generations to inherit the successful business of the first generation (founder), it is necessary for the second and third generations to get involved in this business, and to develop an experience growing this business together. This can be achieved by interacting and developing the unity centered on the business goals, adding to this the emotional unity between the first, second and third generations.

As a retailer, we have to dream and have a Vision of building and ideal shop with Loyverse Free POS Software

What is your ideal shop? Do you ever think about this? Probably you started your business with having such a shop in your mind. And hopefully, you are on your way towards it. Or you started your business, simply by benchmarking some of the competitors and you are running a business “which is not worse than theirs”.

Living for the sake of my customers means living for myself as a shop owner

But looking deeply into it, we come to the conclusion that the more we invest into living for the sake of shoppers, finally we do it for ourselves as shop owners. Because the more shoppers receive from us, the more they give us back regarding their loyalty and make the repeated purchase.

Loyverse Free POS Software provides platform for constant changes for the retailers and shop owners

The word “change” seems negatively perceived among some people. Usually, people tend to settle and not change so much around them even in business. However, we can see that how quickly technology changes every day. Even in nature, water changes its location every moment. In fact, our nature is changing or evolving every second.

Preciousness of the each resonating One Moment with every your customer using Loyverse Free POS Software

In fact, we do not know who our customer are really. They may be very important or influential in your city or your nation. With Loyverse, every moment with each customer is valuable and by serving your best towards them, you will have more chance to be successful in your business.

With Loyverse Free POS, you can find a time for self-study

As a retailer and a shop owner, you alway need a time for learning how to develop your retail business in a better way.

How many hours do we honestly live a day for the goals we strive?

We have 24 hours a day. How many hours do we truly live with self-realizations and thinking of the goals for which we found our business and how we connect with living for our life goals?

Loyverse Free POS Software helps you as a retailer to achieve your goals

With Loyverse, you can track the achievement of your goals and take corrective actions. Also, Loyverse helps you as a retailer to stay naturally goal oriented, while handling multiple tasks continuously for your shop management and growth.

Why is it so challenging to know your customers and to get their contact info?

However, often it is not so. To be successful in getting a contact information from your customers on a systematic basis, it is necessary, for the shop owner to keep this task of high priority for himself. At the same time, continuously monitor and motivate the employees for the customer registration process: with the daily goals and with detail comparison with other shops.

The way in which we think is changing ourselves and it also changes the way we feel and act

Till certain moment of the small business development, we tend to take our decisions naturally. But, the more we progress in the business development, the more the quality of our thinking and the way we think, defines the way we act and the direction we go. It influences the outcome greatly.

Importance to have a loyal staff at your shop

Whether it is your family members or employed staff from outside, there is a critical issue. Are they loyal to you and your business?

Embracing the past, present and future - with Loyverse Free POS

We have to train ourselves to obtain a habit - always to see on every situation of our business through the lens of the past, present and future. Once we do this, we will be able to examine from the business model to the every person.

Support your assumptions with in-depth analysis using Loyverse Free POS software

There can never be too many of analyses. Successful entrepreneurs analyze things all the time. For a continuous process of analysis - they need a constant and alive data flow.

Know everything about your business with Loyverse Free POS Software

Usually, for a small shop owner, at the dawn of his/her business, it is common to manage everything directly and sometimes manually. But when processes grow in number, products get more diversified each day, sales volume increases and the customer base constantly grows - one will require a rigorous management system and a systematic approach to managing the shop.

How can we pioneer sincerity in relationships with the customers?

There is a saying that sincerity moves Heaven. How can we move the hearts of our customers with our sincerity? How can we awaken the sincerity in ourselves?

Why my business model is as it is now?

Are you satisfied with the current business model? Are you satisfied with the number of the loyal shoppers at your shop?

Your retail business is a training center for you

People go to different training sessions to develop their skills and interests like martial arts, jobs, army, etc. Have you ever thought that your shop is a training centre for you? We can say that it is a training centre for you to learn about your shoppers but also it is training centre for your individual self.

Transforming your smartphone into a Free POS

You can transform your smartphone into a Loyverse POS in several seconds. Without any extra cost, you can manage your shop from your smartphone. Moreover, you can manage your entire retail business on the go.

The future of retail success is in shopper engagement

Without your growth in shopper engagement, you cannot expect to achieve success as a retailer. Shopper engagement is almost like a science and the art at the same time.

Share your experience with the Loyverse Free POS community

We believe that you as a retailer have lived a great life to come this far to be able to run your own business. On your way, you probably experienced many hardships which you overcame (and are overcoming) with incredible effort, spirit and passion.

If I am disloyal, how can I expect others to be loyal to me and my business?

It may sound harsh. But it expresses undeniable logic. Everybody expects others to be loyal to them. But often someone thinks that he/she can be free from practicing Loyalty. For a true loyalty in long term relationships, both sides have to express and practice Loyalty.

Importance of having a loyal companion

Someone whom we can rely on 100%. To have a good and loyal companion in a business is almost equally important to have a loyal spouse in marriage. Also, The chances of having such a real loyal companion/partner are as low as to the chances of getting a loyal spouse.

As a retailer, Invest your heart and mind into your product

Focus with Loyverse on top 20% of your products that give you 80 % of your income. Put all your mind and heart into your product to touch the heart of your customer and make them experience the unforgettable Moment at your shop.

Based on your thoughts and self-analysis, you can correct your plans and decisions.

Loyverse platform allows you valuable opportunities to revise your decisions and plans continuously, based on the updated data from your shop management and your interactions with your shoppers.

The importance of experience

Having experiences of your own is important. Also, it is important to prepare the environment for your customers to have their own experience. Having their own experience will help the customers draw a self-realization from the experience at your shop.

Setting free the creator in every shop owner with Loyverse Free POS Software

While Loyverse takes care of all technological side as a platform, you as a shop owner can just focus on the creative part of your business. Having your system and process in order, you can express your creativity to achieve the biggest resonance with your shoppers and your team.

The power of the community - learning from your customers

Sustainable development of a business means a process of continuous learning from the customers. Your customers are the best source of ideas and suggestions for your business development.

An importance of developing a “loving mind” toward your customers

Love is the most powerful emotion. We have to love what we do every day, we have to love our customers, we have to love our product, we have to love our team and we have to love our partners. The power of love generates tremendous energy

Transform your limitations into opportunities with Loyverse Free POS platform

Who said that the small retail business can not grow into a big profitable organization?

Feel happiness in the process of interacting with Loyverse Free POS

Sometimes we think, that happiness will come after only we achieve the goal. Real Happiness needs to come in the process of achieving the goal. Having in mind to build a loyal community, we have to enjoy the process. How can I achieve happiness in the way of interacting with my shoppers? This is a key issue.

Analysis means dealing with the past

Researching the past gives us hints to understand the present and predict the future.

With Loyverse Free POS Software - transform customer engagement into your hobby

For small retailers - customer engagement should become the main hobby. We need to pioneer customer engagement with passion and Loyverse provides the best solution for that.

Loyverse Free POS Software provides you an opportunity for an effective and timely analysis

With Loyverse, you can do it from your smartphone and have an online access to all you necessary data for your shop management and analyze it at your convenient time. Moreover, you can do it on the go, in between your “normal” daily tasks.

Continuous innovation of your retail business model with Loyverse Free POS Software

Small businesses need continuous innovation for its sustainable development. Do not stop with your current business model - you need to innovate and improve continuously. Do not stay in your thinking and action. What works for your retail business today, may not work tomorrow in the same way.

What to do if customer has negative experience at your shop?

Do not get upset! Loyverse allows you to track the negative feedbacks from your shoppers through Loyverse Shopper app. And these feedbacks can be viewed at Loyverse POS and Loyverse Backoffice.

Platform for building trustful relationships with multiple customers

You can focus on a primary task of building and developing a trustful and loyal relationships with your customers, at the same time relying on the Loyverse platform to support 24/7 your retailer-shopper ecosystem operation.

Exploring alive Vision with Loyverse Free POS Software

Discovering Loyalty Universe is an alive Vision itself. Alive Vision is already a creation process itself. We imagine Loyalty Universe as an alive ecosystem of retailers and shoppers communities, interacting with passion, united in One Moment of Resonance. The process of building a community starts from our Vision, internal and external action involved it its development.

Internal action vs External action

What is internal action? Does internal action exist? Or only external action exist? How this question relates to me and my efforts in building alive retail-shopper community?

Building Loyverse Free POS Software community

Loyverse - provides a platform, common ideas, common goals that are necessary for the development and growth of the community. Together as the community, we can research principles, insights, experience, best practices and share them together.

Your tribe of customers

Discovering Loyalty Universe is about exploring an energy, vision, methods and platform for you to lead your own tribe of customers by learning and practicing the Way of Loyalty.

Retailer Loyalty is more about giving

In current realities, a shopper is free to choose from multiple retailers. Thus, it is important for a shop owner to grow his mind of Loyalty and learn the best method and practices in order to provide the best Moment of Resonance for a shopper and making such customer a part of his community (tribe).

Building your own retailer-shopper ecosystem with Loyverse Free POS Software

Discovering Loyverse (Loyalty Universe) is about exploring and embodying the natural laws of retailer-shopper ecosystems development and growth.

Creating the One Moment of Resonanse with Loyverse Free POS Software

The importance of creating your One Moment of positive Resonance (experience) between your shopper and you. Everything - all your preparations as the shop owner are made just for the One Moment of shopper's experience in your shop.

Your Loyverse Free POS Software alive community of loyal shoppers

What is an alive community of loyal shoppers? It is a community of customers who loyally visit your shop for a long period of time, by making repeat purchases. In such alive community, shoppers trust you as their retailer and their average spend grows. They suggest you ideas on how you can develop product assortment for your shop.

Loyverse Free POS Software is available in 7 languages

Today, two more languages (French, Spanish) have been added into Loyverse. Thus, our content and software services, including the website & the apps, are available in eight different languages.

Discovering Loyalty Universe part 2

We have designed Loyverse as a platform to help you as a retailer to discover and develop a Universe of Relationships with your shoppers. And by building your own alive community of loyal shoppers, you can explore Loyalty Universe in relationships and inside yourself.

Discovering Loyalty Universe part 1

We want to share many things with you. It took us time to prepare for an online launch of the, as well as translating it into six languages. Now is the time for us to pioneer on how to share with you our mind and ideas behind the Loyverse.

Happy New Year! 4 new languages into Loyverse Free POS Software

English, Russian plus we have added 3 new languages (Polish, Romanian, Korean ).

23.12.2015 We're online!

Today is the day. Loyverse, our Loyalty Universe, started rapidly expanding after it's own big bang.