How Customers Can Use the Loyalty Ocean App During a Purchase

Customers can use their QR code, from the Loyalty Ocean App, to identify themselves during a purchase. It allows them to participate in your store’s loyalty program and easily get bonus points per purchase, as well as redeem them for discounts. They can receive information about promotions and special offers, and also provide feedback for the shop owner.

During a purchase, ask your customer to show you the QR code from their Loyalty Ocean App.

customer QR code

Scan the customer QR code from your Loyverse POS app device by tapping on the ‘Scan’ button.

 ‘Scan’ button

After pointing the camera at your customer’s QR code, it will automatically be scanned and the customer will be found in your list. Their information will appear at the top of the ticket. You can see customer information by tapping on the customer icon.

customer information

By tapping the edit icon you access the customer form and can change information in fields ‘Number’ and ‘Note’.

customer form edit

customer form

Save changes by clicking ‘OK’.

When your customer is connected to a ticket, you can see any bonus points from previous purchases and suggest to redeem them for a discount.

Then proceed, making sales as usual.

Your customer will receive a receipt of their purchase in the Loyalty Ocean app.

receipts in the Loyalty Ocean app


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