How to Work with Customers Feedbacks

Customers using the Loyalty Ocean App signed up to your store who participate in your loyalty program can check the amount of bonus points gained in your store as well as write feedback about your store.

amount of bonus points at Loyalty Ocean App

You can see customer feedback in the back office in the ‘Feedbacks’ menu.

Feedback list

If you click on the message, the window will open allowing you to reply to feedback.

window to reply to feedback


You can do the same thing from your Loyverse POS app if you login with the account that has access to your customer base and notifications.
To do this, go to ‘Feedbacks’ in the main menu.

‘Feedbacks’ in the main menu

You will see a list of your customers’ feedback.

list of your customers’ feedback

Reply to the feedback by tapping on ‘Enter your Message’

Enter your Message

Customers will see your answers in the Loyalty Ocean App in their ‘Notifications’.

‘Notifications’  in the Loyalty Ocean App


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