Shift Management in Loyverse POS

Shift management is extremely useful when you have a growing business. Learn how to open/close shifts as well as how to mange your cash registers.


In order to use the shift feature, log into your back office and go to settings.



Scroll down to the General Settings and switch on ‘Use shifts’. Click ‘Save’.

use shifsts


On the Loyverse POS app, go to the ‘Shift’ menu.



Click on the ‘Open shift’ button and specify the cash amount at the beginning of the shift.





For cash management during the shift, go to the ‘Shift’ menu and click on the ‘Cash management’ button.



We’ll follow the example of you paying in one dollar to your cash draw and then later paying out two dollars from your cash draw.

pay in
Click on the ‘Pay In’ button if you put money into the cashier without the purchase.


pay out
Click on the ‘Pay Out’ button if you want to take money from the cashier.

All of the cash management history will be recorded from the ‘Pay in’ and ‘Pay Out’ buttons.


At the end of the day when you close the shift, simply go to the ‘Shift’ menu and tap ‘Close shift’.




You can see a summary report of your shift. ‘Expected amount of cash’ is calculated from sales, refunds and cash paid in/out during the shift. If you enter your ‘Actual amount of cash’, you can see the difference between them.  Click ‘OK’ to finish the shift.



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