Terms of Use

Before you can use the services provided by Loyverse, please read carefully these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use contain mandatory requirements that must be carried out when you use the www.loyverse.com web site, as well as services, applications and content provided by Loyverse.

When you register with and / or use Loyverse in any way, including, but not limited to, accessing, or browsing the Site, you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth herein (hereinafter – the "Terms of Use"), which also include the Privacy PolicyAdvertising Policy, and Cookies Policy, as well as all other conditions, rules or guidelines, which are periodically added to the Site as a reference and are updated by Loyverse with no prior notice.

In addition, some services that are provided via Loyverse may be subject to additional Loyverse terms and conditions. The use of such services is governed by these additional terms and conditions, referenced in these Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use were updated on December 23, 2015.


Under these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, the following terms have the following meanings, unless the context otherwise requires:

"Loyverse" – the collection of Software, Applications, Sites, services, documents, text, graphics and other materials that make possible using the Services.

"Application" means the software provided by Loyverse, including the Merchant application, providing the Merchant with an opportunity to carry out his/her own loyalty program, to send special offers to the User and the User's application, which provides the services of Loyverse, any updates, and any other software that enables one to use Loyverse

"Site" means the www.loyverse.com website, including, also, any other websites that will emerge in the future in accordance with these Terms of Use.

"Services" – services provided by means of the Site and / or Loyverse applications.

"Content" – text, graphics, audio and video materials, documentation, information posted in Loyverse (on the Site and / or in the Application), perceivable by a person or with the help of special devices.

“Merchant” – any person using the Merchant app, sales as well as the Loyverse Site.

“User” – any person using the User application, Loyverse Site and / or who has given the consent to the Merchant to be registered with Loyverse.

"Rewards" – these are points, bonuses, discounts and other offers that are provided by the Merchant to the Users and which act exclusively in the shops of such Merchants.

"User Account" – a collection of user data stored in a computer system, necessary for his/her identification (authentication) and the provision of access to his/her personal data and settings in Loyverse and which is assigned a unique identifier, ID-code, stored in the Loyverse database.

"Personal information" –  information provided by the Merchant and / or User during registration (obtaining personal password / login), and at the creation of the User Account.

"You / Yours" refers to the User or the Merchant (where appropriate).

Use of the Site and Services

The description of the Services provided by Loyverse, as well as the links to the Applications is listed on the Site. In accordance with these Terms of Use, you can use the services independently and can not use them on behalf of and / or in the interest of third parties.

Using the Site and browsing the Content does not require registration.

The User can start using Loyverse without establishing a User Account, by telling the Merchant his/her e-mail address; but to use certain features of the Applications, one must be registered with the Loyverse and create a User Account. By this, You guarantee that the registration information provided by You (including, among others, Your name ("User Name"), e-mail address and password that You will use to access Loyverse, is provided in good faith and does not infringe the rights of third persons. Failure to comply will be considered a violation of these Terms of Use, which may lead to the immediate deletion of your User Account from Loyverse.

The User can use the Application without confirming the e-mail address he/she specified (provided). The confirmation of the e-mail addresses can be completed at a convenient time, and is a prerequisite for the use of rewards accrued to him/her, if any.

The use of the information obtained during the registration process is governed by the Privacy Policy.

Persons under 13 years of age (or under another age established by law in the relevant jurisdiction) may not use Loyverse. Persons under the age of majority, may use Loyverse, with or without registration, only with the approval of a parent or guardian, unless otherwise provided by the law in the relevant jurisdiction.

Your use of Loyverse does not imply any responsibility by Loyverse for the accuracy, availability, and reliability of any information, content, products, data, opinions, advice or statements that have become available due to the use of Loyverse. This means that using Loyverse, You alone are responsible for the information that has become available due to You, including text, photos, messages and other types of information, as well as compliance with all regulations and laws that may govern such a placement, publication, notification etc.

The decision on the purchase of goods and / or agreement with the terms of receipt of Rewards offered by the Merchant are taken by Users independently and do not involve any direct or indirect approval and / or recommendations, as well as control, on the side of Loyverse.

All claims, including claims related to any information, content, products, data, opinions, advice, statements, etc., made available in connection with the use Loyverse, shall be presented to the person who placed and / or published such information in Loyverse. In such cases, Loyverse does not purport a proper party in the event of any dispute, controversy, conflict, and conflict resolution. Loyverse reserves the right, but not the obligation, to participate in and / or contribute to a just settlement of such disputes, disagreements, and conflicts, as required by law or the business practice.

User Account, password, and security

At registration, You yourself decide the information You want to tell about yourself. At the time of the registration of Your User Account, the system assigns You a unique ID-code to identify You as a Merchant and / or User. Loyverse does not require your real name to use as the User name, but can ask the Merchant to provide information about its business, for example, such as the name of the business, its address, business phone number, tax identification number (or other similar identification number), including other information which can also be considered public, according to the law in force on the territory where the Merchant conducts his/her activity.

Below are listed some obligations that you take up at registration and which are required for the registration of your User Account:

Do not create a User Account for other persons without their permission.

Do not use personal information of any person with the intent to impersonate that person.

Do not use a nickname that is offensive, vulgar, obscene or illegal.

If your account will be blocked, do not create another one without permission from Loyverse.

Persons under the age of 13 (or under another age prescribed by law in the relevant jurisdiction) may not use Loyverse.

The minors may be limited in using Loyverse unless otherwise provided by the law in the relevant jurisdiction.

You shall specify precise information when creating a User Account in order to avoid errors when using Loyverse, as well as for maintaining appropriate relationships between the Merchant and the User.

You will not grant access to Your User Account to unauthorized persons and will not perform any other actions that may endanger the safety of Your User Account.

When You are choosing a user name or a similar means of identification for Your User Account, You agree that the User Account can be removed or have restricted access (for example, if the owner of a trademark (brand) complains about the person who violates his rights and interests by using his/her User Account the name of a known brand or trademark).

Immediate identification, which may imply the exchange of personal data of the Merchant and / or User, occurs in real life, at the time of the sale of goods and services, in accordance with the requirements of the law and / or business practice, while for the purposes of using Loyverse there is no need in personal identification.

The information provided by the Merchant and / or User when creating User Accounts and receiving individual password / login may include the name, nickname, gender, company name, e-mail address, mobile phone number, work phone number, the address of the websites, photos and / or other information covered by the Privacy Policy. This information is provided on a voluntary basis in order to acquaintance the Merchant and the User for purposes of further cooperation on terms that they choose and to which they agree independently.

You agree that Your User Account may be removed or have restricted access in the case of bad-faith use of Loyverse, as well as other cases in accordance with these Terms of Use and / or provided for by law, or public morality.

The data provided by You to register the User Account can be changed to your liking, with the exception of the email address specified at the registration of Your User Account.

If you forget the password of your User Account, You can restore it by following the instructions sent to you by e-mail, at the address provided during Your registration. If the access to the e-mail specified during the User Account registration, for whatever reasons, is limited or not possible, then the password for this account can not be subject to recovery.

You bear the sole responsible for the maintenance and security of Your password and / or mobile device, and You alone are responsible for all activities that involve Your User Account.

You agree that, by providing any information when using Loyverse, You confirm that You have that right. In this case, you will automatically pass to Loyverse the non-exclusive, royalty-free and perpetual license, without territorial restrictions, to use this information in any manner (including, without limitation, editing, copying, modifying, transferring, reformatting, using for other materials, making derivative works, advertising, mass distribution and publishing of the content, in part or in whole, in any format or carrier).

User Account information may be disclosed to a third party, if the third party lodges a reasoned complaint, in accordance with the legal requirements, that such information violates its copyright, right to confidentiality and / or legal requirements. For more information about the disclosure of personal information please see our Privacy Policy.

You acknowledge and accept the lack of guarantees related to round the clock access to Your Loyverse User Account, as well as the Loyverse quality, accuracy, functionality, efficiency, due to unforeseen circumstances, scheduled maintenance works or for any other reason.

You can report the unauthorized (without your knowledge) use of Your Loyverse User Account or any other breach of security by contacting the support or using the feedback form. In this case, depending on the circumstances, measures are taken to either lockout or remove Your User Account.

You can also complain about the owner of a User Account (for example, Merchant) if it does not correspond to reality. The number of complaints, in this case, is not the determining factor for carrying out any action in relation to a User’s Account; it is taken into account the validity of claims based on the violations of the law, business practices, dictates of public conscience.

If You download or use the Loyverse app, then You agree that from time to time, the application can download and install updates in order to improve and further enhance the quality of the work.


Loyverse allows Merchants and persons authorized by the Merchant to edit and correct data about their items, services and / or Loyverse activities, using and self-modeling a system of Rewards for the Users, hence between the Merchant and the Users arise relationships based on terms accepted by them individually, to agree or disagree with which is the exclusive right and responsibility of each party.

All the Rewards, available in relation to the use of Loyverse, are provided directly by the Merchant responsible for the given Rewards and are guaranteed exclusively for the corresponding goods or services by the given Merchant. The User can benefit of accumulated Rewards only at the Merchant who provided that for him/her.

The Merchant who provides the Rewards shall be fully and solely responsible for ensuring the guaranteed conditions for the Users to receive the Rewards.

You agree and are taking into account the fact that Loyverse shall not be liable: a) if the Merchant, for any reason, refuses or is not able to fulfill the promise, and b) if the User has not been accrued rewards in connection with incorrectly specified information during the registration of the User Account.

Merchant Account can be deleted, changed or blocked, either temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice in the case of the existence of facts supporting the violation of the laws in the relevant jurisdiction. In this case, the Merchant is solely responsible for the violations he/she has committed.

The above condition does not exclude the possibility of a User to lodge a complaint with the Loyverse Support, but also does not guarantee its satisfaction, as for the settlement of any contentious relationship of the Merchant and User there can be provided a special settlement procedure. This also means that the relationships of the Merchant and / or User are based on the principles of fairness, reasonableness and / or the business practices, and in specific cases, on the basis of norms and provisions of existing laws, where the Merchant and the User are only accountable to one another.

Mobile services and notifications

Loyverse includes certain features that are available via your mobile device, including (I) the ability to download mobile Loyverse App, (II) the opportunity to get acquainted with the functioning of Loyverse software, (III) the ability to access certain Loyverse features via mobile Application.

When using mobile devices, personal computers, tablets, and other devices that allow the use of Loyverse, You shall take into account the quality of the services by the Internet service provider, the Internet speed. The Internet connection tariff and speed are determined by the Internet provider You chose.

You understand and agree that by using Loyverse, you can be subject to sending text messages, push-notifications (brief notifications popping-up on your mobile phone, informing about events and updates), and / or other notifications and that certain information about your use of mobile communications can be passed to Loyverse.

Loyverse does not favor spam. Customers / Merchants using Loyverse can be notified regarding the accrual / writing off of rewards, site updates, and maintenance works, as well as other notifications.

Users may opt out of any notifications by Merchants by following the steps outlined in such notifications, or using the Loyverse application settings.

Merchant undertakes to use in good faith the opportunity of informational notification, that is not to abuse of such opportunity, and / or otherwise harass the User.

Notifications and alerts sent by the Merchant shall comply with the Advertising Policy, as well as other rules and / or laws of the relevant jurisdiction for the violation of which the Merchant bears personal responsibility.

The unwanted use or misuse of Loyverse possibilities can lead to an immediate lockout or deletion of the Merchant and / or User Account without any reciprocal obligation for such actions.

Otherwise, you assume any liability, if any.

The fee for the use of Loyverse

Using Loyverse is free of charge. However, this does not mean that a fee for the use of Loyverse or its parts will not be charged in the future.

Bona fides

You understand that the responsibility for all the information, including data, text, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages or other materials ("Content"), whether publicly or privately posted, falls on the person who provided such Content. This means that You are responsible for all the Content that You, including, but not limited to, upload, post, email or otherwise transmit using Loyverse.

Using Loyverse, you should not violate, in any way, the rights and interests of third parties protected by law. You understand and agree that no one can derive benefits from his/her illegal or dishonest behavior.

Merchant and User interaction by means of Loyverse should be based on honesty, good faith, rationality and respect for the interests of the other party.

For example, the Merchant’s good faith in giving the promised rewards to the Users can be defined as "an honest purpose" and "sincere desire" to fulfill promises.

When User are registered with the Loyverse loyalty program by the Merchant, the latter guarantees the voluntary consent of such Users to participate in the Loyverse loyalty program, including their acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and accepts full responsibility, if any, regardless of the circumstances that caused it, in relation to such registration.

Under no circumstances is Loyverse responsible for any materials posted by Merchants and / or Users, including for any errors or omissions in any Content, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of misuse of such Content via Loyverse and / or third parties.

If you become aware of any violations that may be considered offensive, indecent or objectionable, violating Your rights, as well as the rights and interests of third parties, you may submit a reasoned appeal to Loyverse support service, describing the relevant facts. In this case, Loyverse has the right (but not the obligation), in its sole discretion, to take appropriate actions, depending on the circumstances.

In the case of misuse, You agree to indemnify Loyverse any damages on the basis of the claims, and the costs of court decisions related to compensation and the payment of taxes or other mandatory payments, material and moral damages, and other costs (including, but not limited to, attorneys' and other professionals’ fees), arising out of or in any way connected with Your use Loyverse, due to Your violation of these Terms of Use or violation of any rights of any other party.

Prohibited uses

You agree that you will not use Loyverse to perform any type of illegal activity or to take any action that may adversely affect Loyverse. You agree to shy away from the following activities, as well as involving a third party into that, namely: (1) attempts to gain unauthorized access to Loyverse or other User / Merchant Accounts, (2) attempts to circumvent any security features, (3) actions aimed at violating the laws or these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Advertising Policy (4) reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or resell Loyverse for any purposes whatsoever, (5) participate in any activity that is offensive or prevents / impedes Loyverse to progress. If your account has been blocked or the access to it has been limited, you agree not to carry out any action to circumvent such blocking. It is prohibited to use Loyverse in conjunction with any agreements related to illicit goods and / or services.

In the case of violation of the above conditions, You agree and bear in mind that Your account may be temporarily blocked or permanently deleted, or otherwise limited to use Loyverse, without any reciprocal obligations on the part of Loyverse.

Intellectual property rights

You acknowledge and agree that Loyverse may have Content that is protected by copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights and laws governing such legal relations.

Except as expressly provided by the Terms and Conditions, You agree not to use such Content in bad faith, in whole or in part, including, but not limited to, because such use would be in direct violation of copyright rights and interests, the rights and interests of other Users and / or Merchants.

Any use of Loyverse, except as specifically stated in these Terms of Use, is prohibited. Technology and computer software, applications, content, design, images and the like underlying or relating to Loyverse, are protected by copyright and other laws. You agree not to carry out the following actions, namely: copy, modify, create derivative works of, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise attempt to derive the source code, sell, assign, sublicense or otherwise transfer rights to Loyverse. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved to Loyverse. No part of these Terms of Use shall be construed as granting, by implication, or otherwise, any license or right to use intellectual property rights for Loyverse products or parts thereof.

By posting on the Site or Loyverse application information on trademarks and other data protected by copyright, You represent and warrant the availability of appropriate rights for this placement.

Third-party websites

Loyverse may contain links to other sites and resources on the Internet, and such sites or resources could conceivably contain links to the Loyverse Site. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Loyverse do not apply to such sites or resources; those are governed by the terms of use and privacy policies of such sites or resources. When you go to the sites and the resources of third parties, you do so at your own risk. You agree and acknowledge that Loyverse cannot and is not responsible for the content, functions, accuracy, legality, suitability and other parameters of such sites or resources. The presence of any such link does not imply endorsement or recommendation by the Loyverse to use them. You understand and agree that Loyverse bears no direct or indirect responsibility for any loss or damage caused or allegedly caused by the use or reliance on any content, goods or services available on such third party site or resource.

Any agreements which actually occur between the Merchants and Users, resulting in the use of Loyverse loyalty programs, are carried out voluntarily and at your own risk, for which Loyverse is not liable for any losses or claims, if any.

Use of cookies

Please note that by using Loyverse, You agree that we may use cookies in accordance with the terms of Cookies Policy.

Cookies – these are small files consisting of letters and digits that are downloaded onto your computer or mobile device when you visit the Site or use a Loyverse application. Then the cookies are sent back to the website each subsequent visit, or to any website that recognizes the cookie. The use of cookies is convenient, anonymous and does not contain any personal information about You.

Disclaimer of Warranties




The above conditions are caused by the fact that Loyverse, designed for the convenience and ease of the User–Merchant relationships is not a guide to action, and does not control the good faith of its use; therefore, the use of the functionality and capabilities of Loyverse is the sole responsibility of the User and the Merchant, individually.


Loyverse does not welcome any disputes between Users and Merchants, which lead to differences in the use of Loyverse, but does not exclude the possibility that such may occur.

You agree that by using Loyverse, You shall be solely responsible for any action in relation with such use.

In the event of a disputed relationship, including the relationship between the Merchant and the User, Loyverse bears no responsibility or liability with regard to any party in their decision. However, Loyverse reserves the right, but not the obligation, to participate in any of these disputes aiming to achieve reconciliation, to seek the truth and justice, as well as to bring to justice the responsible ones, if any.

Support and feedback

Please contact us at help@loyverse.com, to receive answers to your questions or to make suggestions.

Privacy Policy

Using Loyverse envisages respect for the confidentiality of personal information, the principles of openness in matters of privacy, as well as giving you control over your information and data relating to the use of Loyverse

Definitions of terms, used in this document are set out in the Terms of Use.

This Privacy Policy sets out the conditions for handling of information that is provided in the course of Your use of Loyverse and other collectible data

Please read carefully this Privacy Policy before using Loyverse. If you want to create an Account, you need to accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as well as other documents and recommendations from Loyverse, which refer to these documents

Do not use Loyverse if you are not ready to accept the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy. By accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy, you give your consent for the collection and processing of certain information about you for the purposes described below.

The authenticity of obtained (collected) data about the persons using Loyverse, shall not be verified.

This Privacy Policy was updated on 23 December 2015.

Information Collection

If you are a User, data collection occurs:

when registering through the Site;

when You download the application;

when you make a purchase at one of Loyverse Merchants and provide him/her Your e-mail address to register You as a Loyverse User, thereby agreeing to the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy.

If you are a Merchant, information is collected during the Merchant Account registration.

What information is collected by Loyverse?

Personal information provided by you: personal information - this is information voluntarily provided by you. It can be information such as your name, nickname, email address, phone number, birthday, location, information about your use of the Services and other information specified by you in your Loyverse Account.

In particular, Loyverse may ask the Merchant to provide information about its business, for example, such as the name of the shop, mailing address, business phone number, tax identification number (or other similar identification number), and other relevant information, which may also be considered public in accordance with law of the relevant jurisdiction.

The information you provide allows you, in particular, to set up a Merchant or User Account, which can be used for further Merchant and User interaction via Loyverse.

Loyverse Account in associated with your email. Information provided by You may be used by Loyverse to assess and improve the quality and efficiency of services and for the development of new applications.

Information collected automatically: during your use of Loyverse, some information is collected automatically through a protocol from your browser or mobile application, including details such as your location, unique device identifiers, IP-address, browser type, operating system, mobile operator, devices and applications ID, data from cookie-files and information on webpages you have requested from Loyverse. Except as otherwise required by law, such data are treated as Impersonal information, that is one that does not identify you personally. Unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, Loyverse uses this information aggregate with personal information. This allows to analyze how one uses Loyverse.

Information obtained from third parties: Loyverse can receive and store information about you from third parties that interact with Loyverse one way or another:

а) when you use third-party applications, and other services third parties to interact with Loyverse. Thus, some applications and services you use at your discretion can transmit information about you. To find out what exact information is passed by such applications and services, read their privacy policies. We may also capture the subject and content of incoming e-mails, which helps generally to better understand your needs and improve the quality of services;

b) when attracting third parties to perform certain tasks related to the provision of Services (such as sending notifications).

What information is collected?

Loyverse does not request nor collect any personal data relating to You or any third party, including name, a copy of identity documents and identification number. Any personal data provided by you unilaterally will be removed from Loyverse. Loyverse does not deal with storage, processing and transmission of your personal data.

How is being handled personal data?

You agree and accept that Merchants and possibly other Loyverse Users may have access to Your data. One of the key Loyverse tasks is to acquaint Users with potentially interesting for them Merchants (companies, shops, events), as well as allow Merchants to convey to Users information about their companies, brands, shops or events, and encourage Users to visit these places or activities using commercial incentives – Rewards. For example, when you visit a Merchant, information about your visits is automatically available to the Merchant, which allows him/her to offer you a higher level of service and Rewards.

Loyverse does not sell personal information and does not transmit it to third parties.

You bear in mind that Merchants, when browsing information about Users, in the case of misconduct, can take advantage of such information or transfer it to third parties or organizations without your knowledge or consent from Loyverse. Therefore, you agree to exercise due diligence in the provision of information about yourself.

Use of Loyverse by children and minors

Loyverse can not be used by a person under 13 years of age (or under another age prescribed by law in the relevant jurisdiction). If you become aware of the use of Loyverse by children under 13 years, immediately contact Loyverse Customer support for action to remove these accounts and data associated with those. Persons under the age of majority may use Loyverse only with the approval of a parent or guardian unless otherwise provided by the law in the relevant jurisdiction.

Information disclosure and other legal requirements

Your personal information may be available to third parties, in the following cases:

1. Business Transfers: In the event of a corporate sale, merger, reorganization, liquidation or similar events, personal data may be part of the intangible assets transferred.

2. Partners: Your personal data may be made available to Loyverse partners and affiliates to promote Loyverse products, on conditions compatible with this Privacy Policy.

3. Agents, consultants, and third parties: Loyverse may engage third parties to perform certain functions related to the provision of services (for example, sending e-mails, push-messages, etc.). In such cases, provided information is transmitted in the volumes necessary for the provision of services by such parties.

4. At the request of the law: Your personal data may be disclosed to third parties not connected with Loyverse, in case when can be assumed in good faith that to obtain, use, preserve or disclose such information is reasonably necessary for the purpose of a) carrying out or complying with the current laws, normative legal act, judicial decision or forcibly executable request of a public authority; b) enforcing the Terms of Use, or investigating their possible violations; c) identifying, curbing, or otherwise preventing fraud, as well as eliminating technical faults or security problems; d) protecting the rights, property or safety of Loyverse, the Loyverse Merchant / User or other persons as required and permitted by law; d) other cases provided by law.

Determination and disclosure of locations

When you use Loyverse on your computer or mobile device, then geolocation data received from the browser of your computer and / or device (for example, longitude and latitude) allows to provide information related to Your location.

Your geolocation data from Loyverse Application is not disclosed. However, for example, when you leave a comment or rate a Merchant through Loyverse Application, then, presumably the Merchant can draw the conclusion that this User either has been or is still in his shop (at the Merchant).

Transactions History. Receipts.

Transactions and Receipts History is stored in the Loyverse database to which you have access. If for whatever reason you decide to delete your account, such information will be deleted from the Loyverse database automatically.


By submitting to Loyverse your email address, you agree to receive emails. Such emails can be linked to major events in Loyverse, information about special offers from the Merchant, information about other products and services developed or provided by Loyverse, and other information.

If you wish to opt out of the notifications, you need to perform the actions specified in such a notification or use the Loyverse app Settings.

Cookie-files and similar technologies

Loyverse uses technologies such as cookie-files, which are small text files that are automatically generated during your interaction with Loyverse. You can set your browser not to accept cookies, but if you do so, the use of all Loyverse areas or all of its features and functionality will be impossible.

For more information, including regarding the types of cookie-files and related technologies used by Loyverse, please see the Cookies Policy.

Is personal information really protected?

For safety and privacy purposes, your personal information, as part of your Loyverse Account, is password protected. To prevent unauthorized access to your Account and Personal information, you should also take reasonable measures to secure your password, possibly excluding the circumstances in connection with which your password can be known to third parties.

Loyverse makes all reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of information and Accounts. These measures may include, among others, encryption, physical access security and other appropriate technologies. But be advised, no method of transmission over the Internet or method of electronic storage is 100% secure.

Loyverse never asks for information about your credit card, password, login, identification number and other personal information. If someone approaches you with a request to provide such information, immediately notify Loyverse Customer Support.

How to change / delete the account?

You can view, update or correct the needed information in your account. If desired, you can delete your account by following the appropriate steps. If you delete your Account, your data, including receipts history, any Rewards received, personal information and other data you provided will be deleted. Taking into account the peculiarities of Loyverse working environment, the removal of the above information can not be done immediately, and its residual copies may remain on backup media for some time.

In addition, you may send a request to delete Loyverse Account by contacting Customer Support.

Will Privacy Policy undergo any changes?

Loyverse reserves the right to update and change this Privacy Policy at any time and without notice. Please follow the changes to this Privacy Policy.

Your continued use of Loyverse after any changes to the Privacy Policy indicates your acceptance of such changes.

What if questions or concerns will arise?

If you have questions or concerns regarding the use of Loyverse, you can send a detailed email to help@loyverse.com. The more specific the question is set out, the faster and more accurate Loyverse Customers support will be able to answer.

Advertising Policy

By using Loiverse, when modeling commercial motivations and notifications that may pose advertising information, you agree and understand that:

1. Requirements for advertising apply: (А) to all the materials bearing an advertising character and granted or acquired through Loyverse, (B) to advertising content displayed in Loyverse mobile applications. Your use of Loyverse advertising materials and services is part of Loyverse in accordance with the Terms of Use and is governed by its provisions.

2. The Merchants using advertising materials in theirs with Users relationships are responsible for understanding and compliance with all applicable rules and laws of the relevant jurisdiction. Failure to comply can lead to different consequences, including a halt to display promotional materials and blocking or removing the Account.

3. When targeting, ads do not use sensitive personal data. Parameters selected for targeting advertising, should not reflect personal world view, quality or value of people.

4. Promotional materials can be sent only from a particular Merchant and only to those Users who have given their voluntary consent to receive such materials in the Loyverse application settings. It is forbidden to use the Account of other Merchants for the purposes of sending advertising material or to specifically create a new Account associated with an existing one for the purposes of sending promotional material.

5. When creating the advertising material, the Merchant undertakes to negotiate such promotional material with the Loyverse Customer support, in cases where such material carries the information on the goods and / or services, the distribution of which has special requirements and / or restrictions provided law, in the respective jurisdiction. Loyverse Customer support reserves the right in its sole discretion to block the distribution of the promotional material for any reason, including if the material impacts negatively the relationships with people or is promoting materials, services or activities that are contrary to the interests of Loyverse.

6. It is prohibited to distribute by means of Loyverse advertising material promoting any lotteries / draws / quizzes; medical services and medicines; food supplements, dietary supplements; civil and political organizations, parties, movements and trends, religious organizations, denominations, trends and institutions; information about products or services that are subject to compulsory licensing / certification, or information relating to minors, confidential information about a person without his or her consent to the dissemination of such information, or information that is available in the form of cross-reference (for example, the provision of information, the source of which is not Merchant or information, the content of which does not correspond to the topicality of the messages and / or does not comply with the subject / brand of the Merchant, etc.).

7. It is forbidden to send any notification by means of Loyverse, containing information and / or having characteristics of an advertising / information on alcohol, tobacco products, trademarks for goods and services, other objects of intellectual property law, under which alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are being produced; religious propaganda; obscene words (swearing) and expressions, indications of false, confidential information; information that has been obtained by criminal means and / or that violates the copyright or related rights of third parties; information of erotic and / or pornographic nature; information that is contrary to the requirements of public morals; information breaking the foundations of statehood and constitutional order and / or other information, the dissemination of which is prohibited by the legislation in force in the relevant jurisdiction.

8. These rules may be amended and supplemented at any time without notice.

More information about prohibited materials

1. Advertising material can not contain references to illegal activities, services or goods, or promote them and facilitate their dissemination. Advertising material aimed at minors should not promote goods, services or materials that are inappropriate, illegal, dangerous or that are misleading or exercise undue pressure on the target age groups.

2. Advertising material must not contain an offer to sell, or use: banned or soft drugs, as well as medicines issued by prescription; tobacco and accessories for its use; food additives; weapons, ammunition or explosives; goods or services for adults.

3. Advertising material must not infringe the rights of third parties, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other personal or property rights.

In particular, advertising material should not contain:

1. Images of naked body parts, of people in lewd postures, as well as actions that are sexually too explicit or provocative.

2. Shocking, sensational, disrespectful or overly rigid materials.

3. Materials that refer to personal characteristics of a person or imply those. These include direct or indirect references or an indication of race, ethnic origin, religion, belief, age, sexual orientation or behavior, gender identity, disability, medical condition (including physical or mental health), financial condition, participation in trade unions, criminal record or name.


References to the personal characteristics of people are forbidden.


1. Want to try Chinese food today.

2. Try a lean meal in our restaurant.

3. Custom-made clothing. Shorts, T-shirts, and shirts.


1. You are Chinese and you are hungry?

2. Are you a Christian and want a snack?

3. In these shorts, Alex, you will be irresistible.

4. Fraudulent, false or misleading materials.

5. Materials using controversial political or social issues for commercial purposes.

6. Sound or flash animation, reproducible automatically without human intervention after clicking on the ad, link, etc.

7. Non-performing landing pages. It also includes landing pages that do not let you get away.

8. Spyware, malware, or any other software that can lead to unexpected consequences, or deceit. This also includes links to websites that contain such software.

9. Spelling and punctuation errors. Symbols, numbers, and letters must be used properly.

10. Images associated with non-existent functions.


1. Relevance: all the components of advertising materials, including text, images, or other materials should be relevant and match the proposed product or service of the Merchant, as well as the audience (users) for which they are intended.

2. Accuracy: advertising material should clearly give an idea about the product, service or brand.

3. Landing pages: products and services that are promoted in a promotional material should coincide with those presented on the landing page of the Merchant, and the landing page must not contain any suggestions or references to any prohibited goods or services.

4. Legitimacy: advertising shall not market illegal goods or services.

5. "Honest purpose" and "sincere desire": The Conscientious Merchant undertakes to fulfill the promised terms when Users receive rewards.