Download and install Loyverse POS from the Play Market or App Store. To use Loyverse POS, you'll need to have at least Android 4.0+ or iOS 8.0+.
Before you add your items and make sales in Loyverse POS, it is important to check out the settings for your shop in Loyverse Back Office. Back office is your personal web-based office, working in sync with the POS.
It is simple and fast to add items and categories in Loyverese POS. If you are adding a lot of items, it is better to do that through a spreadsheet called scv at the backoffice. However, if you have a small amount of items, you can quickly add them on your smartphone or tablet.
As you are now ready to make sales, you can tap on items’ pictures or icons on the sales screen. Also you can use the search bar to look up items or find them from the categories. Bestselling items can be marked as favorites.
This video is about how to redeem customer points for a discount.
Do you want to keep track of products with low stock directly from your web-office? And even better - to receive an email notification that the stocks of a product are coming to an end? Loyverse POS gives you such opportunity. In addition, activation and the setting up of this function will take no time at all. You should complete just five simple steps.
This video is about how to split payment with Loyverse POS.
Loyverse platform will bring you closer to your customers and signing up customers is the most crucial step for that. Now you can add all your customers into your database. It is all up to you.
To add items to the system or to edit them is possible manually. However, if there are too many items, the process will take a lot of time and effort. To do it by means of importing the CSV file is much quicker and more convenient.
Naturally we do not want your customers to come for a refund. However, when necessary, only a few clicks are enough to issue a refund.