Liquor Store POS System

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Loyverse POS System

Liquor store apps have been becoming more trendy of late, and Loyverse POS goes the extra mile to making sure you truly get what you deserve. Our POS system for liquor stores is hitting high in the rankings because of it's easy of use, global entrepreneur community and high quality features.

With our in built loyalty solution your customers will come racing back to your store after making sales with this world class liquor store POS software. Not to mention, you can add discounts, taxes, item modifiers, whilst always keeping track of employee performance and detailed per item analysis. If growth is what you want, then you won't have to leave loyverse POS behind with its invaluable multi-store functionality.
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Key Features

 Bar POS
Inventory Management
Control stock levels and receive low stock notifications, essential for making prepared or spontaneous real time decisions based on real-time data. Customize items with a description, price, photo, and the group them into categories; a well structured management process will help you avoid losses and prevent theft.
Quick sales
Loyverse liquor store point of sale has been designed to maximize your sales performance. With its intuitive layout, your employees will barely need training, they will love this software! You'll find everything neatly displayed on the screen: items, discounts, customer service... and keep making transactions even when offline, Constantly improving the cashier experience means constantly mproving the customer experience, and for this, Loyverse will suit you perfectly.
Remote Control
Having all data stored on the cloud means as manager you don't have to be fixed at your store all the time to know what's going on. Access several report types about your liquor store through your computer or device through the back office and dashboard app respectively. Like this, you'll always have the opportunity to know precisely what's going on in real time, even with multiple stores.
Multi-store Management
Manage multiple stores under one account. Track your sales, inventory, employees and customers - everything you need to know in one place.
Hardware Integration
Supported hardware: receipt printer (Ethernet or Bluetooth), barcode scanner (Bluetooth or USB), cash register drawer and stand.
Loyverse POS
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Here's What Customers Say About Loyverse POS

Edgar, Carnitas Premium, México
"Is very important to check how were the results from each day, for each month and semester in order to know about your sales, income and outcome, therefore Loyverse was a helping hand crucial for our business."
Edgar, Carnitas Premium, México
Tai, Cu Bao coffee, Vietnam
"Thank God I found Loyverse free POS app for my coffee shop. This is a very valuable app. You will be delighted with all its meaningful functions. I love the back office where I can see the sale column and visually compare charts from day to day."
Tai, Cu Bao coffee, Vietnam
Woody's Bar, California
"Seriously, this is the best POS system I have found within the Google Play store. It literally does everything that I need and want. Love how easy it is to use and customize. Thank you for making such an amazing product accessible!!!"
Woody's Bar, California

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