POS System for Small Business

A simple and elegant POS & inventory software for small business
Free pos software for small business

POS software for small business

Make your sales experience easy with Loyverse POS system. Our system provides quick installation on both iOS and Android mobile devices. Customizable sale screen allows selling your goods in an intuitive and easy way. Provide your customers with exceptional service with the customer loyalty program and customer display. Our powerful inventory management system allows easy access to managing your products, ordering, and distributing them among stores.


Fit your needs

  • Turn your iPad or Android tablet into an advanced, cloud-based cash register.
  • Customize the sale screen to your liking to quickly add your products to the ticket.
  • Add different payment types; such as cash, credit cards, checks, etc.
  • Create discounts, modifiers, taxes and apply them to the items during a sale.
  • Manage all your stores from one account.
payment-types for small business
Customer care

Customer care

  • Provide your customers excellent service with built-in Loyverse POS loyalty program.
  • Keep notes for your frequent customers to remember their preferences at your store.
  • Attract customers to return to your store by offering bonus points for each visit.
  • Allow customers to see information of their purchases in real-time with customer display.
Loyverse POS loyalty program

Employee management

  • Manage your employees by differentiating their roles through groups and giving them a different level of access to sensitive information.
  • Use the time clock feature to track employees’ working hours and use it for payroll.
  • View sales by employee report to check their performances.
  • Identify any cash discrepancy at the end of the shift and track employees’ inaccuracy or manipulations.
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Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses

Inventory Management for Small Businesses

  • Plan purchases, export records to suppliers, track stock receipts and manage vendor relationships.
  • Recount your products to keep the actual stock up-to-date.
  • Make products out of ingredients and track each stock.
  • Gain insights into the flow of your inventory with a list of all the items and variants you have in stock and their inventory and potential profit values.
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Inventory Management for Small Businesses

Sales analysis for small business

  • Analyze your sales statistics and correct your product list.
  • Check your sales by different parameters; such as time, stores, employees, payment types and many more.
  • Find out your best selling product over a certain time period.
  • Make your business more efficient by getting rid of products that are not selling well.
Sales analysis for small business
Hardware POS


Use a wide range of hardware to extend your facilities
  • Receipt printers to print bills, receipts and kitchen orders.
  • Cash drawer to keep your cash.
  • Barcode scanners to quickly scan items to sale.
  • Label printers to print labels for your goods.
  • Card processing terminals to accept credit and debit card payments.

Complementary apps

Install Loyverse complementary apps for more efficient business management
  • Loyverse CDS – customer display to inform your customers during the sale.
  • Loyverse KDS – kitchen display to inform cooking staff about incoming orders.
  • Loyverse Dashboard on your smartphone to instantly see the sales and inventory of your stores.
Complementary apps

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Cafe Ddobagiyuns, Korea
"I started to use Loyverse POS 9 months ago and used it for my cooking classes. And now I'm using it for my new cafe Ddobagiyuns as well. Loyverse POS app itself is a merit for me. I'm technologically illiterate so I'm not good with machines. But Loyverse POS is very simple and easy to work with and it immediately reflects the changes in the system, I love it."
Cafe Ddobagiyuns, Korea
Furniture Revolution, United Kingdom
"At Furniture Revolution not only do we have our shop/showroom. Loyverse gives us the freedom to take credit card payments and provide them a paperless receipt to people booking kitchen restyles; giving them that extra assurance and helping them with their cash flow on these higher priced services. The POS system helps us keep control of our stock which is great for managing re-ordering. We are so pleased with how flexible and cost-effective the Loyverse system is, we are always recommending it to other small business owners!"
Furniture Revolution, United Kingdom
Go Healtly, Dominican Republic
"If you have a small business and need a point-of-sale app, I recommend 100% Loyverse POS ... this application is super easy to use and best of all, it's free! With this, you can drive up your sales, manage your inventory, employees and everything else using your phone or iPad."
Go Healtly, Dominican Republic

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