Loyverse Dashboard

Instant access to your store’s POS reports

Loyverse Dashboard

Get Your Store's POS Reports Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you're on holiday, a business trip, or just need to visit a nearby supermarket for 10 minutes, you'll have real-time access to inventory and sales data at hand at all times.
Loyverse DashboardLoyverse DashboardLoyverse Dashboard

Sales summary

Analyze store growth as you assess the revenue, average sales, and profit. Create informed and innovative business strategies continuously to prevent business stagnation.

Sales trend

Track sales growth by comparing with previous days, weeks, months, or years and make critical decisions that would enable a long-lasting business legacy.

Dark theme

Change the app view according to your environment. The dark theme is convenient for eye strain during the night.

Sales by item

Determine which items are performing well on average or underperforming to increase customer satisfaction levels.

Sales by category

Cakes, roses, baguettes, t-shirts... every type of shops will benefit from Loyverse Dashboard, which allows you to see which categories are selling the best and which needs offers or discounts to attract further attention.

Loyverse DashboardLoyverse Dashboard
Loyverse DashboardLoyverse Dashboard

Sales by employee

Find out who is performing well and who needs more training based on real-time data.

Item stock

View stock levels and apply filters to inform yourself when items are running low or are all out. This way you'll never leave your customers disappointed.

Stock push-notifications

Get notifications in real-time on items that are running low or are out of stock. Your smartphone and tablet have never been this practical!

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Loyverse Dashboard is a complementary app to Loyverse POS, please install this app and follow the step by step guide

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