Multi-Store POS

Expand your business with ease just by adding new outlets whenever you need it

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Multi-Store POS
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Continuously grow to a powerful chain by analyzing and multiplying the best practices for each outlet

  • Scale your business by adding all necessary outlets in just one click
  • Easy start from one store, coffee shop or restaurant and expand to several ones
  • Keep growing from several outlets to hundreds
  • Continuously polish your business operations and logistics based on the consolidated sales analytic of your chain

Multi-Store Inventory Management

Manage your inventory for all stores from one place

inventory report for Multi-Store POS System
  • Add your items to all your outlets with importing functionality
  • Track your inventory for all the outlets and order them with Purchase orders
  • Transfer items between stores
  • Set different prices to different stores to find the best pricing strategy

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Track the employees’ performance across all of your chain stores

  • Set up the access of your workers only to certain stores and needed functionality
  • Check the employee performance and reward them accordingly
  • Control the working hours of your employees and use this data to pay them
  • Find out the busiest hours across all stores and manage to cover them by needed human resources

Explore Employee management

Track the employees’ performance across all of your chain stores
Manage a consolidated customer base from all of your outlets in one place

Customer care

Manage a consolidated customer base from all of your outlets in one place

  • Use the same rewarding system across all of your chain stores
  • Reward regular purchasing customers from any locations
  • See purchase history of your customers to know them better
  • Add new customers with one click from any POS or from the Back Office

Multi Store Reporting

Check all essential performance indicators of your chan stores in real-time and make balanced decisions

Multi Store Reporting
  • Get an overview of the entire operations across all of your outlets
  • Compare the performance of your outlets and set benchmarks of growth for each of your chain stores
  • Check the important parameters in different stores, such as gross sales, net sales, gross profit, and many more
  • See the best selling products and expand your product line with the most selling items

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Frequently asked questions

How to add a store at the Loyverse account?

To add a new store in the Back Office, go to Settings and click on the ‘Stores’ button. Click on the ‘Add Store’ button to create a new store. Fill in the information about the new store and save. For more details, please refer to the article.

Can I set different prices to the same items at different stores?

Yes, you can manage the item parameters for each store. Open your item for editing, find the ‘Stores’ section, and change the price, in-stock quantity, and low-stock notification.