Loyverse API

Develop your application, software, or web-based solution that expands the functionality of Loyverse POS. Integrate existing solutions with Loyverse POS to help business owner improve their business.

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Help merchants grow their business
with Loyverse platform

Expand the functionality of Loyverse to meet your growing business needs. Create your app or web-based solution and offer it to Loyverse users. Make integrations for Loyverse users to cater to their requests.

  • Growth

    Help merchants to grow their businesses by creating software or connecting Loyverse to existing tools.

  • Analytics

    Improve tools for managing and analyzing sales data to improve the understanding and productivity of businesses.

  • Bookkeeping

    Integrate existing bookkeeping software with Loyverse to expend possibilities of business.

  • Items

    Improve the process of adding items to the Loyverse POS by developing specific software.

  • Orders

    Connect online or application-based product ordering systems with Loyverse POS to help users to receive and process orders.

  • Stock

    Expand methods of assumptions of costs in managing inventory, such as the FIFO.

  • Payroll

    Integrate employee’s time-tracking with the payroll calculating solutions and improve staff management and their workplace motivation.

  • Customers

    Develop applications that can help merchants communicate with their customers, and improve customer’s experience with the loyalty program.

  • Scheduling

    Develop integration with the existing scheduling system, and help improve the management of the customer flow.

  • ERP

    Help merchants to manage their businesses and automate functions related to technology, services, and human resources.



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    Learn how to use the resources in the Loyverse account by making HTTPS requests to URLs that represent those resources.

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    Join the Loyverse API club in the Loyverse Town community. Participate in testing activities of new features.

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