Employee Management and Timecards Software

Improve your employee management and increase their performance

Employee Management in the Loyverse POS

Control your staff and sales from one account. Make balanced business decisions based on tracking productivity and working hours of your employees. Protect your business by granting proper permissions for each employee group and control over cash inaccuracy in every shift.

Access settings

Manage employee access to sensitive information and functions
  • Create user groups with different access and assign employees to them
  • Restrict access of your employees to sensitive information and functions
  • Give each employee access to the POS app by PIN or password
  • You can set access rights to void saved items in open tickets

Sales by employees

Track each employee’s sales performance and make informed business decisions
  • Use sales reports in the back office to see the sales of each employee
  • Back office allows you to filter reports by employee, store and time period
  • Download your reports in CSV files

Check employee’s efficiency

Information on the workload per hour allows for efficient management of your staff
Information At
  • Employee can clock in with his/her PIN at the beginning of the shift and the system starts counting time
  • At the end of the day Employee has to clock out with PIN and the system stops counting hours of work
  • Total hours are automatically calculated based on clock in and clock out time, the owner can correct the timecard or create a new at the back office
  • At the back office the owner can see the total hours worked summary report of each employee in the chosen period

Protect your business

Identify any cash discrepancy at the end of the shift and track employees’ inaccuracy or manipulations
  • Set up whether your cashier should see the expected amount of cash or not, during and when closing shift
  • The employee have to key in the real amount of cash in the cash drawer
  • The owner can see this two numbers and difference between them

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Loyverse Bar Pos Feedback
As the menu grew, we were able to use the features to separate items on display to make it easy for the cashier to use. The app is very intuitive, and staff finds it easy to learn. Our menu comes with lots of options for the customer so using the modifiers really helps to simplify and speed up the ordering process.
Square One Coffee, UK
Loyverse Bar Pos Feedback
Since we installed Loyverse and with the help and almost instant support of the their team, we managed to significantly increase the quality of our services. We were able to serve much more customers without delays and our employees can now handle any workload any time. You just need the Loyverse POS, the KDS, and a receipt printer and you are ready to smoothly run your shop! Thank you Loyverse team!
Apollon Cafe, Greece
Loyverse Bar Pos Feedback
Loyverse helped my laundry shop business with its user-friendly accounting features. My monthly report has never been collected and submitted as easy as how Loyverse does it for me. Easy to project gross and net profits. Back Office feature makes me monitor my daily sales everywhere. Plus, a 24-hour service chat desk to answer my inquiries. Thank you Loyverse!
The Laundry Experience, Philippines
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