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Integrated payments

Loyverse POS app integrates with the best payment providers around the world, using which you can simplify the sales process for your customers.

Integrated payments

Scale your business

Manage multiple coffee shops or coffee shop chains under one account, keep track of inventory, employees, and customers, and check sales analytics.

Multi Store

Smooth order management

  • Baristas can easily receive and manage orders with Open tickets.
  • Assign tickets to tables in your cafe in one click with the predefined tickets.
  • Manage open tickets by splitting, merging, and moving items between tickets.
  • Assign tickets to different employees.
Smooth order management
Manage employees

Manage your employees

  • Track each employee’s sales performance and make informed business decisions.
  • Information on the workload per hour allows for efficient management of your staff.
  • Manage employee access to sensitive information and functions.
  • Employees can clock in/out and the system calculates their total hours.
  • Identify any cash discrepancy at the end of the shift and track employees’ inaccuracy or manipulations.

Organize sales according to your needs

  • Customize your menu, bring popular items to the first screen.
  • Organize items and categories on separate pages, such as coffee, cakes, fruits etc.
  • Add toppings and add-ons to the items in one click by using modifiers.
  • Create different dining options, such as “Dine in”, “Take out”, “Delivery”, etc.
  • Apply discounts and taxes, and make notes to the items or to the orders.
Organize sales according to needs
Motivate customers to visit your cafe

Make your customers come back

  • Motivate customers to visit your cafe again by rewarding them with bonus points with the loyalty program.
  • Build personal engagement with your customers and turn them into constant visitors of your coffee shop by rewarding each purchases.
  • Remember each client's personal preferences by making notes in the system.

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Manage your inventory

  • Quickly fill up your stock with fresh products with purchase orders.
  • Manage stock of produced items and ingredients with the production of composite items.
  • Transfer goods between your cafes.
  • Keep your stock always accurate by performing counting and stock correction in the Advanced Inventory Software.
Manage inventory

Utilize the power of integrations


Automate your business workflow by connecting your Loyverse account with various integrations: accounting, e-commerce, marketing.

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