POS Reporting & Analytics

Manage your Store Thoroughly with Loyverse Back Office

POS Reporting & Analytics
The Back Office is an online-based tool that works in connection with the Loyverse POS app. It gives you sales reports to make a complete view of your business and allows to adjust settings and manage a Loyverse account.

POS Reports and Sales Analytics Tools

The Back Office provides a wide variety of reports and sales analytics which you can access via a browser on any device. Analyze your sales by different parameters, such as time, stores, employees, payment types and more. Manage your inventory, employees, and customers, set the features necessary for your business, bulk import/export a list of items and customers, export sales reports.

POS Reports

Analyze your sales by different parameters and filters and find out the trends and problem areas that help you constantly improve the performance of your business
POS Reports
  • Compare sales by different periods, stores, employees, check the important parameters at one page, such as gross sales, net sales, and gross profit, amounts of refunds made and given discounts.
  • Determine top-selling items and categories, top-performing employee and store with the top sales.
  • Check the sales by shifts and find out the difference between expected and actual cash amounts.
  • Browse transaction history, export reports to CSV files, and analyze your data.


Manage your items, categories, modifiers, and discounts. Customize items by picture, price by unit or weight, create composite items, variants, and modifiers.
Manage your items
  • Customize items by picture, select to sell them by unit or weight, create composite items. Manage item parameters such as categories, price, cost, stock, and many others. Import item list in one click.
  • Add more flexibility to your sales by creating modifiers that allows to customize items during sales and change the prices of items.
  • Make your store more attractive to customers by creating amount- and percentage-based discounts. Restrict application of discounts to certain employees.
  • Set different prices and stock for the items in different stores.
Manage your items

Inventory management

Advanced inventory management subscription gives you a comprehensive tool to manage your stock
inventory management report
  • Update stock in one click through purchase orders and send orders to your suppliers. The system will calculate the average price of received items automatically.
  • Distribute items among your stores if you have multiple stores. Perform partial or full inventory counting either manually or with a barcode scanner.
  • Correct stock [numbers] on the go, specifying different reasons for the operation. Check stock history to control all changes.
  • Print label for items, view valuation of your inventory, produce complex items from other items-components and manage their stock.

Explore Advanced inventory
Manage your employees


Manage your employees: create different groups of employees and set up access to specific functionality on the POS and the Back office
Manage your employees
  • Get the Information on the workload per hour that allows for efficient management of your staff.
  • Check employee work time with the clock-in / clock-out feature.
  • Track each employee’s sales performance and make informed business decisions.

Explore Employee management


Manage your customers, find the customers with the most visits or most purchases, etc
Manage your customers
  • Export your customers' list and use it to contact them.
  • Add new customers in one click.
  • Correct a customer profile, edit points balance.
  • Import customer list from other sources.
Manage your customers


Adjust all the necessary parameters of the Loyverse account: payment types, loyalty settings, taxes, kitchen printer groups, dining options and a lot more
  • Create multiple stores and POS to manage your growing business successfully.
  • Set up the features you need: shifts, time clock, open tickets, kitchen printers, customer displays, dining options, low stock notifications, negative stock alerts.
  • Manage your trials and subscriptions in the Billing and subscriptions section.
  • Customize your logo and text messages at the top and bottom of the receipts.


Doi Chang Coffee Farm, Korea
It is possible to see accurate sales data analysis. From Loyverse Back Office, at a glance, I could see sales data by date, time, and item. This helped me to understand sales made in store much easier and helped me to alleviate the ambiguity of the data. I do not need to make any files for store reports. I can simply print out Loyverse reports.
Doi Chang Coffee Farm, Korea
Ramen Station, New Zealand
Loyverse gives us an easy stress-free POS system. It's really convenient that I can upload or edit the items at home, and it reflects in the POS at the shop instantly. It also helps us with how we analyze daily, weekly and monthly sales. Great POS system. Highly recommended!
Ramen Station, New Zealand
The WEE Store, United Kingdom
With the help of Loyverse, we have transformed a small seaside shop and brought it into the 21st century. This app gives us the power to track and control every aspect of our business. I will be using this app from now on and have already recommended it to some friends in the industry. Many thanks, from a very happy shop owner.
The WEE Store, United Kingdom

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