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Yours will be the bar that everyone's talking about with Loyverse POS system for bars. We provide high quality inventory management as well as detailed sales analytics that will always keep you informed as to what's popular and which stock you need to drop.

You're welcome at the Loyalty Universe and we hope that the best Bar POS system we've developed can take you to substantial small business success due to it's speed and simplicity. It also carries a reliable loyalty program for you to constantly acquire, retain and engage your customers whilst multiplying their average spend.
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Key Features

 Bar POS
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Quick Service
Never miss a sale thanks to Loyverse's intuitively designed interface. Always be ready to exceed customers' demands, with features such as open tickets and off-line transactions, and convert them into regulars through your unique loyalty program.
Employee management
Be aware of employee performance and be ready to take any informed business decisions to organise your team in the best way.
Sales analytics
With a complete report of what's really going on in your bar, from sales analytics to cash reports you will find the key to success.
Multi-store Management
Manage multiple stores under one account. Track your sales, inventory, employees and customers - everything you need to know in one place.
Hardware Integration
Supported hardware: receipt printer (Ethernet or Bluetooth), barcode scanner (Bluetooth or USB), cash drawer.
Loyverse POS
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Here's What Customers Say About Loyverse POS

Loyverse Bar Pos Feedback
"I would recommend it because it gives you much better control over everything. It makes doing your work so much easier in terms of sales and stock control... It keeps you one step ahead."
Sly's Coffee and Bar, Hungary
Loyverse Bar Pos Feedback
"Loyverse is very simple to use and to configure, it has a nice interface, offers stats on sales and best item sold. Also, the customer service is excellent, very friendly, and available every time we need help! I would definitely recommend Loyverse to other small restaurants."
Chadi Okais, Melt, Barcelona
Loyverse Bar Pos Feedback
"Seriously, this is the best POS system I have found within the Google Play store. It literally does everything that I need and want. Love how easy it is to use and customize. Thank you for making such an amazing product accessible!"
Woody's Bar, California

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