POS System with Loyalty Program

Reward your loyal customers to regularly visit your store, cafe, or restaurant. Increase the frequency of customer visits to your business by offering them the best service.

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Start your own loyalty program effortlessly

  • Start your loyalty program in just one click by setting the reward percentage from each purchase.
  • No extra apps, equipment, or fees are needed. Loyverse POS already has basic loyalty functionality.
  • Customers can use the loyalty program and receive rewards across all of your chain stores.
  • You can issue a loyalty card with a barcode for easy customer identification for future visits.
Start your own loyalty program effortlessly


Enjoy a simple and easy process of serving your customers

  • Enroll your customers to a loyalty program, and add their information on the POS during the sales, so that they can receive bonuses on their first purchase.
  • Add your regular customers to the ticket just in one click by scanning a barcode from the loyalty card.
  • Convert customer’s points into discounts at the next purchase.
  • Customers can see their remaining bonus balance on the printed or emailed receipt.


Manage your customers wherever you are in the online back office

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  • See the database of your customers from all outlets across your store chain in one place in the back office.
  • Check customers’ balance, history of their purchases, and notes on their preferences in the back office.
  • See the history of receipts of regular customers on the POS, so to check their preferences from their previous purchases.


Rizelle Kate Hilado, Cafe LiBrew
I started using Loyverse on our newly opened Bubble Milk Tea shop and it works amazing! The Free App alone is very fully functional and it works with several POS printers and Cash drawers as well. We can add/delete items and discounts easily and we can also monitor every transaction as well as the fast-moving and slow-moving items. We are also very much using the Loyalty functionality of the app and our customers are loving it, considering they can earn points every purchase that they can redeem for free drinks or discounts! I highly recommend Loyverse especially for startup entrepreneurs who wish to start their own cafes, restaurants, and more.
Rizelle Kate Hilado, Cafe LiBrew, Philippines
Hock Joo, Sales Manager, My Art Space
The Loyverse POS is an easy to use Point Of Sale system. I would say there are many great features to mention! The tracking of customer purchase records enables us to plan strategic decisions in our further marketing activities. Paperless receipt and points redeem system also brings great experience to our customers, thus securing more for our business aiming at long term customer relationships.
Hock Joo, Sales Manager, My Art Space, Singapore
Ramen Station, New Zealand
One of the reasons I decided to use Loyverse was its practicality, it feels very easy to use. I implemented it for my restaurant and I love it! All the features that Loyverse offers are enough to fulfill my needs. I often use sales analytics, it helps me to better understand my daily, monthly or annual sales. From inventory to customer loyalty, its simplicity to use it in different devices Bluetooth and wi-fi, this makes Loyverse one of the most competitive systems available, and what makes it even more special is that many of its features are free. It's been almost a year since I used it and I don't regret it, I highly recommend it.
Zinno's, Mexico

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How Customers Reward Program of Loyverse POS Works

  1. Sign up your customer with the loyalty program from the Loyverse POS app
  2. Customers will see their bonus points on the printed or emailed receipts
  3. Reward customers on the POS by converting their points to discounts

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