Free Bakery POS System

Fresh cakes. Chocolate chip cookies. Puff pastries. They'll all go flying off the shelves with Loyverse, the Bakery POS system that every small business loves

Software for Bakery

There is no other point of sale that makes bakery software like Loyverse. You'll learn which of your cakes should stay you make business decisions based on greater depth of sales analytics than you've had hold of before. Our international user base is swiftly spreading the word about the small bakery software making that extra difference in terms of management efficiency, sleek design and loyalty software.

Cater professionally for your customers by allowing them to reserve their breads and croissants for later deliveries with open tickets and anytime bill printing whilst always being ready to provide them with their favourite extras using item modifiers. Loyverse Free Point of sale is the best bakery POS and throughout all your time with us, you'll have reliable 24/7 access to our in-app chat support team.
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Key Features

Free Bakery POS System
Free Bakery POS System
Free Bakery POS System
Free Bakery POS System
Inventory Management
Set up your shop within moments of downloading the #1 small business software. Customize your items with a price, description, photo and group your products into categories. Loyverse POS will keep you updated with real time insights and low stock notificatons.
Back Office
A complete bakery software that grants you delightful sales analytics displayed in a variety of reports: sales by items, employee, paymet method; receipts, taxes, shifts, etc. Small things matter to your customers, so all of the perks and features you can find in our web-based POS office make this free software more than a your average cash register. It's flexible and accessible, you can reach it from any time and anywhere, because we beleive running a bakery should be a dynamic and enjoyable experience.
Employee management
Create employees, managers, administrators etc, giving or restricting their rights to ensure simple and secure use of the bakery pos. Analyze their performance based on accurate data and create the right atmosphere and team building conditions to thrive, becoming a happy and healthy competitive business place.
Multi-store Management
Manage multiple stores under one account. Track your sales, inventory, employees and customers - everything you need to know in one place.
Hardware Integration
Supported hardware: receipt printer (Ethernet or Bluetooth), barcode scanner (Bluetooth or USB), cash register drawer and stand.
Loyverse POS
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Here’s What Customers Say About Loyverse Bakery POS

Marcella Jeremiah, Reneescentsationz, Grenada
"Having Loyverse POS has changed the way I process everything. From data entry, to sales, to inventory. I can export to excel and update the entire inventory then import it back to the program and its all done. The fact that you can encourage your customers to go green by not printing receipts is fantastic!"
Marcella Jeremiah, Reneescentsationz, Grenada
Oscar Gutierrez, Olinda cafe, Mexico
"I found Loyverse POS and fell in love immediately. It’s very easy to use, to upload new Items, and all the features the you can find in the back office are so useful that it saves you time, effort and money."
Oscar Gutierrez, Olinda cafe, Mexico
Sly's Coffee and Bar
"I would recommend it because it gives you much better control over everything. It makes doing your work so much easier in terms of sales and stock control... It keeps you one step ahead"
Sly's Coffee and Bar, Hungary

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