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Reduce costs for your small business choosing Loyverse, the best pos system for tablets. A complete app for iOS and android devices, it's simple, easy to use and smartly designed to offer you only the most pleasureable experience that you truly deserve.

Place your tablet in a stand and start recording sales from the counter, or take it with you and attend to your customers' desires without them twitching a muscle. Whatever you do with Loyverse will impress everyone, even out of the corner of their eye.
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Key Features

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Cafe POS
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Mobile POS system
You can use your tablet or any device to take orders directly at the table. A full set of features will improve your management efficiency with the use of open tickets, kitchen printers, shift managment and real time synchronization.
Inventory Management
Organize items with a custom price, descriptive photo and group your products into categories. Keep track of your sales and receive low stock alerts.
Offline Sales
Don't worry about the wi-fi, with this iOS and Android tablet POS system, you can make sales offline wherever and whenever you're ready. All data will be automatically synced once connection is restored.
Multi-store Management
Manage multiple stores under one account. Track your sales, inventory, employees and customers - everything you need to know in one place.
Hardware Integration
Supported hardware: receipt printer (Ethernet or Bluetooth), barcode scanner (Bluetooth or USB), cash register drawer and stand.
Loyverse POS
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Here's What Customers Say About Loyverse POS

Richard Orciuch, Bunker Motor Coffee
"We found Loyverse looking for a simple solution to our cashier system problem. We would highly recommend it to others in a similar situation, it is very easy to use, has a simple layout, and has all the features necessary for developing our business. The coolest thing is that I can run entire my business with only a smartphone"
Richard Orciuch, Bunker Motor Coffee
Oscar Gutierrez, Olinda cafe, Mexico
"I found Loyverse POS and fell in love immediately. It's very easy to use, to upload new Items, and all the features the you can find in the back office are so useful that it saves you time, effort and money."
Oscar Gutierrez, Olinda cafe, Mexico
Woody's Bar, California
"Seriously, this is the best POS system I have found within the Google Play store. It literally does everything that I need and want. Love how easy it is to use and customize. Thank you for making such an amazing product accessible!"
Woody's Bar, California

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