iPad Cash Register System

Transform your iPad into the finest cash register with Loyverse POS system

POS Systems for iPad

Replace your old cash register for a complete app compatible with your iPad. As usual with the tech giants, this apple cash register will give your store the touch of style, flare and modern vibe required to lead your competitors. Surprise your customers with your mobility and help employees relax with super easy software requiring next to no training to use.

Place your iPad in a stand and start recording sales from the counter or take it with you and attend the needs of your customers. Either way, everyone will be impressed when you're using this free point of sale cash register.
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Loyverse Key Features

iPad Cash Register System
iPad Cash Register System
iPad Cash Register System
iPad Cash Register System
 Customer_care Loyvers POS
Mobile POS system
Take orders directly at the table with just your iPad. Create open tickets, send orders to the kitchen or bar and print bills when your guests request them. All this and more with the use of only one app, Loyverse Free POS.
Inventory Management
Organize items with a custom price, description photo and group your products into categories. Easily create a new product directly from the app or import your inventory in bulk with the use of a csv file. Keep track of your sales and receive low stock alerts.
Loyalty Program
Never before was a cash register was used to strengthen relationships between shop owner and their customers like in the loyalty universe. Work hard to earn their return with the help of our integrated Loyalty Ocean App where you can listen to feedback and offer points rewards.
Multi-store Management
Manage multiple stores under one account. Track your sales, inventory, employees and customers - everything you need to know in one place.
Hardware Integration
Supported hardware: receipt printer (Ethernet or Bluetooth), barcode scanner (Bluetooth or USB), cash register drawer and stand.

iPad Loyvers POS

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Here's What Customers Say About Loyverse POS

Richard Orciuch, Bunker Motor Coffee
"We found Loyverse looking for a simple solution to our cashier system problem. We would highly recommend it to others in a similar situation, it is very easy to use, has a simple layout, and has all the features necessary for developing our business. The coolest thing is that I can run entire my business with only a smartphone."
Richard Orciuch, Bunker Motor Coffee
Sheetal Purandare, Perfect Looks, India
"It has proven to be a boom for all front end activities such as sales, understanding best-selling services, sales per employees."
Sheetal Purandare, Perfect Looks, India
Chadi Okais, Melt, Barcelona
"Loyverse is very simple to use and to configure, it has a nice interface, offers stats on sales and best item sold. Also, the customer service is excellent, very friendly, and available every time we need help! I would definitely recommend Loyverse to other small restaurants."
Chadi Okais, Melt, Barcelona

Loyverse Success Platform Products

Loyverse POS

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a mobile free point of sale.

Loyverse Back Office

Back office in your browser, working in sync with Loyverse POS.

Loyverse Dashboard

A complementary app for instant access to your store's sales analytics and inventory anytime, anywhere.

Loyalty Ocean

Powerful customer loyalty app integrated with Loyverse POS.

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