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Loyverse and QuickBooks Online integration by Amaka

FREE | Automate sales and payments data sync to QuickBooks Online



Rather than spending ages on manual data entry, you can automate your accounting with our free integration. Your daily sales and payments totals are captured for sync and automatically exported to an invoice in QuickBooks Online each day.


Key features

  • Automatically send a summary of your previous day’s sales from Loyverse into QuickBooks Online
  • Customise your sales summary view by choosing from a variety of different formats
  • Capture the different payment transactions including: tips, tax, refunds, loyalties and more
  • Group by products or categories to make the most of QuickBooks Online’s reporting suite
  • Your data is matched with your bank transactions meaning bank reconciliation becomes lightning fast
  • Our historical sync allows you to back sync old data to get your books up to speed in just a few clicks


Getting started

To connect Loyverse to QuickBooks:

  • Create an account on Amaka App
  • Connect your Loyverse and QuickBooks accounts
  • Follow our 2-minute express setup wizard to activate the integration


All done!


Want a more advanced setup?

If you or your bookkeeper/accountant is looking to customize accounts, payment and tax mapping, we offer an advanced setup method as well.

  • Map Loyverse sales, discounts, loyalty discounts, tips and surcharges to QuickBooks Online products and services
  • Map Loyverse custom payment types and all other payment types to QuickBooks Online product and services
  • Map Loyverse taxes to QuickBooks Online tax codes
  • Optionally, map products or categories to different QuickBooks Online product and services

Get support

You can schedule a free 30-minute call with one of our integration experts who can guide you through the Loyverse + QuickBooks Online setup process entirely free of charge. Or, get in touch with any questions you might have.

This integration is brought to you by Amaka, a trusted global leading provider of account integrations and automation solutions.


Quickbooks by Amaka
Quickbooks by Amaka
Quickbooks by Amaka
Quickbooks by Amaka
Quickbooks by Amaka
Quickbooks by Amaka
Quickbooks by Amaka
Quickbooks by Amaka
Quickbooks by Amaka
Quickbooks by Amaka
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