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Connect Loyverse to any dashboarding tool to visualize and report financial data


Elevate your reporting capabilities: with Dataddo, you can automatically move financial data from Loyverse into sophisticated dashboarding tools like Google Data Studio, Power BI, and more. No need to spend time manually parsing data into spreadsheets - Dataddo’s cloud-based data management platform allows you to easily combine, transform, and export data from multiple stores so you can generate the customized reports you need most.

Key Features

  • No-coding: Dataddo requires no technical knowledge on your part in order to utilize.
  • Centrally-managed: monitor all of your data connections and flows from one place.
  • Affordable: no hidden fees, complicated pricing schemes, or charge for data storage.
  • Quick start: integration that takes minutes, not weeks or even days. You’ll have a full-fledged pipeline from Loyverse within moments of opening your Dataddo account.
  • Zero maintenance: Sync with Loyverse and automate your flows so that you never need to manually refresh.


You can connect to your Loyverse account and choose the data sets you want to extract and transform directly from within the Dataddo application. No matter whether you’re working with inventory, sales, refund data and more, Dataddo can handle all of it.

Why choose Dataddo?

Your Loyverse data is vital to the growth of your business, and you need a platform which will take your analytics routine to the next level. With the speed, price, and flexibility of Dataddo, you can eliminate the headaches of tedious data extraction and get the most out of Loyverse, starting today!


connect your data
simple central management
complete your data flow
select datasets
update your connectors
choose your destination
connect your data
simple central management
complete your data flow
select dataset
update your connectors
choose your destination
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