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Retail multi-channel manager, order flow, product merchandising & fulfillment


SQQUID is an all-in-one retail automaton solution that helps retailers manage their online sales, merchandise better online and automate order flow and fulfillment.

Sales Growth, Online and In-Store
Connect stores to online channels, boost your online sales and drive more customers to your stores.

Powerful Online Merchandising
Sell across multiple online channels and maximize your margins through product positioning and price differentiations per channel.

Streamlined Fulfillment & Lower Costs
Ship orders cheaper, more efficiently with a simple, all-in-one solution.
Get shipments out in a couple of clicks and automatically get the lowest shipping rates from over 100 carriers.
100% Reliability & Accuracy Reliable, accurate and timely order processing and inventory updates across all your online channels.
Easily handle any spike in order volume or any sustained growth rate.
Orders shipped. Faster. Cheaper. Simpler, cheaper and faster fulfillment!
Automate manual steps, sync data across your retail operations, and replace multiple incompatible systems with a single solution.

  • Order items are automatically grouped into shipments
  • Shipping labels printed with just a click
  • Tracking info updated across all systems
  • Exceptitions, cancellatitions, holds and changes are easy to manage

PLUS, automatically get the lowest shipping rate available from over 100 carriers based on weight, destination and delivery time.

*Limited time special offer: $1 USD/month for the first 3 months.

At SQQUID, we help brick-and-mortar retailers of all sizes thrive, in-store and online. We know that omnichannel retail can be a daunting challenge, so our technology enables users to seamlessly grow and manage sales across different channels. We deliver tools that are affordable and easy to use, yet highly sophisticated; designed to future-proof retailers against rapid shifts in technology and e-commerce trends.



Sqquid channels
Sqquid product merchandising
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Sqquid channels
Sqquid product merchandising
Sqquid locations order routing
Sqquid product settings
Sqquid shipping
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