Lazada by SKUPLUGS

Lazada by SKUPLUGS

Sales data and inventory synchronization between Loyverse and Lazada.

Loyverse Lazada Integration

SKUPlugs solution unifies the offline & online store operations by connecting the Lazada marketplace with your Loyverse POS. Lazada Integration with loyverse works on a two-way principle integration that enables the information flow from your POS system to Lazada and allows downloading the Lazada orders into the Loyverse POS system. It is an automated process where no manual intervention is needed, hence, the scope of manual error also gets ended. Lazada integration with your Loyverse POS system will improvise the operation efficiencies, increase productivity, make appropriate changes to the inventory or stock, increases customer satisfaction, and most importantly, save your time.

Key benefits of Loyverse and Lazada integration

  • Sync all or selected products from Loyverse to Lazada
  • Accurate inventory syncing to avoid overselling
  • Simplified process to manage price and inventory changes in products
  • Sync Lazada order and customers data to Loyverse
  • Save time and reducing costly errors
  • No programming skills needed
  • No account setup fee
  • No long contract only monthly subscription
  • 15 days free trial account
  • No credit card required for Trial account
  • Smooth and easy process of integration, you can integrate your Loyverse and Lazada in few clicks

How we integrate system

SKUPlugs is a cloud-based SaaS software that sits between your numerous endpoint systems. Our pre-built and configurable integration solutions connect your existing systems via APIs or web services to sync data and automate business processes. There are only 3 steps to get a successful and streamlined integration

  • Connect
  • Configure and
  • Sync

Why SKUPlugs

We strive to provide outstanding brisk and steadfast integration service which is backed up by our friendly and professional support experts round the clock. It will give you a detailed insight of your business by providing a real-time view of your customer base and sales performance. We’ll make sure that you have the best integration possible that fulfill your all requirements without any manual work. We are providing absolutely free setup with a Trial of 15 days.


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App information

$25 USD/month
Free 15-day trial